rosier construction testimonials

The value for money from Rosiers has saved the school many hundreds of dollars by advising on ideas we as the management group have put forward, and utilising the builders and contractors on site. Some of the savings made by Rosiers allowed the school to upgrade the administration area of the school and upgrade two classroom blocks to state of the art buildings which have been used around the state by other schools.

The responsiveness given to the school by all of Rosier’s builders has gained momentum over the past couple of years – any builder or contractor on site has gone out of their way to deal with any problems the school has immediately, without detracting from their task at hand.

The relationship that Rosiers developed within the community is often commented on by the  community for the way they spend in the community, live in the community and the support they give back to the community.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rosiers to any business wishing to utilize a family building firm who will give the utmost value for money and goodwill back to the community.

Christine Treloggen - School Executive Officer, St Helens District High School

After seeking a builder for our project in Invermay R&T Rosier Constructions not only put in a competitive tender, but also was highly recommended by our Structural Engineer.

Alan Leake of Engineering Edge spoke extremely favourably of Rosier Constructions due to their impeccable performance on previous projects they had worked on.

They have provided an outstanding performance on the first stages of the project and have establishing a solid working relationship throughout the time that we have worked with them, there have been no disputes between the parties. In the event where differences of opinion have come up, they are readily resolved because Rosier’s consistently takes a proactive role in settling matters.

With the first stages completed, Launceston Mitsubishi is very satisfied with deadlines being met and that the project will be completed on time.

Rosier’s is not a builder that looks for variations, but is one that strives for solutions. If they believe a project’s design is likely to cause long-term problems or maintenance issues, they will not only draw this to your attention but will provide you with possible solutions.

With their hands-on approach, Rosier Constructions is proficient and professional and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any client.

Gary Rayner - IT Manager / Property Manager, Launceston Motor Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Rosier and his team at Rosier Constructions over a long period of time. During that time Richard has approached every project with the same positive and professional attitude.

Richard has an exceptional ability at managing client relations and expectations often through devising alternative solutions to complex problems all while staying on time, on budget, and within the realms of the relevant statutory compliance.

I have only ever had a positive experience working with Richard and his very capable team.

Todd Henderson - Director & Architect, Cumulus Studio

We have worked on many education projects in which there have been complex staging, integrated uses and maintaining working sites. I have been involved with complex aged developments (working in and around valuable people) building over multiple levels and varying fire compartments all whilst maintain parts of the complex in work order.

Richard is well organised, has a good work force of staff supporting him and he has what appears to be a respectful relationship with his sub-contractors, which enables him to meet time frames, control costs on site and work with the Architect and client in delivering the building projects he is working on in a timely and seamless manner.

Richard is easy to work with and is proactive in the way he completes the projects. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard and Rosier Construction to any client for any size works.

Heath Clayton -Director & Architect, Design Intent